Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Metropolitan Police just released a study that shows a well maintained home burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a target of burglary. The question is, how do you choose the right one for your home? Read below as we walk you through the different types of home alarm systems and useful tips that you should definitely consider.

Different Types of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

The best type of alarm for you home really depends on your personal preference, budget, location and the design of your home.

Bells alarm makes a lot of noise, but do not contact anyone such as the police or homeowner. Speech dialer, a device built inside an alarm system can automatically contacts you or other saved contacts from family or friends when the alarm is triggered. Alternatively, you could get a monitoring contract, where you would pay a company monthly or annually to take action or call the police if the alarm goes off.

home burglar Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Wireless or wired Home Burglar Alarm

Alarms can be either wired or wireless. Wireless alarm looks cleaner and easier to install thus you can be removed easily if you move to a different house. They use a battery-powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals.

While this type of alarm tends to be cheaper to install professionally, or can be fitted yourself, the alarms themselves can be more expensive. Wired systems usually need to be installed by a professional, as the wires will need to be hidden, so labor costs are higher.

Wired systems usually need to be installed by a licensed professional, as the wires will need to be hidden, that’s why you need to add the labor cost.

Bells Home Alarm System

Bells home alarm system also called audible alarm when triggered, it will create a loud noise, which will hopefully alert someone within the area of of your home or scare the burglar. Unlike monitored alarm or with speech dialer, it won’t automatically contact you or the police, no guarantee that anything will come to rescue you.

Members who have burglar alarm also have bells only alarm. It’s worth thinking about the kind of area you live in before you install these kind of alarm. Will your neighborhood call the police the minute the bells-only alarm took off? Do you have friends or relatives that are close by to help you?

These bells-only alarm can be installed by your or you can asked someone to install if for you professionally.

home burglar3 1024x448 Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Maintaining your Burglar Alarm

Regular maintenance is a must to reduce defects, prolong life and gives you a peace of mind that everything will work fine when something happened.

home burglar alarm 1024x1024 Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

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If you have a burglar alarm maintenance contract, your alarm will be checked every year or twice if you have a police-monitoring contact, either by an installer or a company representative.

Cost for maintenance will vary, especially if you have a different level of maintenance such as free call outs or other parts included. You need to make sure that your home alarm is well-maintained and always on 100% condition.

By having your burglar alarm professionally maintained, you can tackle any problems you have with false alarms. It is also a requirement by other insurance companies to have a monitoring contract.

Burglar alarm monitoring

Burglar alarm monitoring Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

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Three options that you’d like to have for your home burglar alarm to be monitored, in case someone will be alerted: a speech dialer, key holder contract or a police contract.

You can get a monitoring contract from a wired or wireless alarm, but the alarm system and the installation does need to match certain standards, be sure you have an idea what to check.

Two types of monitoring contract are key holder and police response, with both types, you pay extra per month or annually to have your home alarm system monitored, this means that key holder or police will be alerted once the alarm goes off.

The idea behind the alarm system is, when an alarm is triggered they will be notified. The receiving end will first ring your home asking for a password for identification. If this is incorrect or no one answers, they will immediately take action and call the key holder or the police, depending on who is the person you wanted to be contacted from your contract.

Speech Dialer

Speech dialer is also called text alert, a device is built to be connected by a wire or wireless alarm. The idea is when the alarm goes off, the speech dialer will call or text a set of phone numbers of your choice, for example a family members or your mobile.

This is a good alternative to a professional monitoring service, as you won’t pay a monthly fees. Usually speech dialer are free and already built-in into the system, so they need to be activated or connected to the phone line.

home burglar2 Different Kinds of Home Burglar Alarm SystemsKey holder Monitoring Alarm

A key holder monitoring alarm is done through a company called “receiving end center“, which will either respond when the alarm is triggered or contact your assigned person key holder. These kind of companies usually offers maintenance contracts, and can remotely check for problems if you have one. Make sure you check the prices and monthly bills before committing.

Nominated key holder must be within 20 minutes of the house, can be able to drive and have access to the house. It’s your job to keep the alarm company up to date with their contact details, and always suggest alternatives if there’s any.

Home monitoring contracts is better than speech dialer, mainly because the annual cost involved. However, the 24 hour service being offered by the monitoring company, as well as there’s a dedicated company which is liable if there’s an action needs to be made, will provide you a peace of mind.

Police Burglar Monitoring

This type of contract means that the police will also be contacted by the company. If you like this kind of contract, it’s important to check out the company and their police report profile.

If your alarm goes off, there are two indicators within the house, such as door contract and a sensor, both must be triggered to warrant a police call. This is to avoid false alarms wasting police time, the Metropolitan Police says hat massive of 92% of burglar alarm activation from past year are from false alarms.

It is worth nothing that paying this kind of service won’t guarantee the police to come out or in time. Once police officer spoke that, whether police go to your home quickly depends on other incidents and resources available. If they believe that there’s a high risk involved, it’s a high priority.

Hope you’ve learned a ton about the difference of home burglar alarm system, and don’t forget to take home security seriously. If you have questions or things are unclear, feel free to post your comments.

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