Best Locations for Home Security Cameras

When it comes to installing home security cameras, always trust your own judgement, the very first question to ask is, where do you think you need to put those security cameras? What are the most vulnerable spots on your property that you can put these cameras? Do you have blind spots for windows and doors? Have you experienced break-ins from before? You know your own home and you are uniquely qualified to evaluate on how to keep it safe from intrusion.

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Once you’ve made up your mind about the locations of your security cameras, you now have to determine if you want to install your cameras where burglars can see them to discourage them from breaking-in or you should put them where they are hidden and catch them red-handed on a video. We always recommend the mixed method, install real cameras out of reach or out of sight and then place those dummy cameras – they look authentic btw, around your property. This way, if burglar tries to break one of your cameras, it will be the dummy, and you’ll have a video proof of it.

Check out the five spots that you should always put your home surveillance camera

1. Front Door

Estimated 34% of all burglars enter your home through the front door, that’s why you’ll definitely want to put one surveillance camera here. To prevent the burglar from knocking out your camera, place it at second floor level or at the highest and point it directly at the front door. If you have a one-level home, consider covering it with steel wiring to prevent from rocks, sticks being thrown. You can also put a front-door camera in your peep-hole, to see who’s knocking before you open the door.

home security cameras Best Locations for Home Security Cameras


2. Back Door

22% of home burglars enter using the back door, so you need another camera there as well (side doors counts as back doors also) Make sure you place a security camera that is out of reach and directly pointing at the door.

3. Off-Street Windows

Most burglars enters a home by using a rear window, this is not direct from the street view and they will be less caught while breaking into your house. Make sure you put your surveillance camera there.

4. Backyard/Side Gate

Backyard is another way of breaking-in, with expensive lawn and garden machines, recreational equipment and toys. Make sure you protect your yard with motion-sensor floodlight and night vision surveillance camera to protect your property and machines. If you have a backyard fence, make sure your camera can see the entrance and fence.

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5. Basement Stairs

Many basements have hatched doors or small windows that are large enough to fit a grown man. Place a camera on the stairs leading from the basement to your home. And consider doubling that security with motion sensor alarm, to record any activity.


Make sure you cover your property pretty well, always find a way to break-in into your own house and protect it by using different kinds of surveillance cameras. You can also hire a professional to guide and help you where to put exactly the home security cameras. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, feel free to comment!

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